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Bruce A Sommer Papers

Bruce Sommer (1936-) was a linguist with the Summer Institute of Linguistics who gifted his research materials to UQ’s Fryer Library in 2008. Much of his research focused on the area south of Aurukun, around Kowanyama (the Anglican-run Mitchell River Mission) but also includes material on neighbouring language groups.

The collection consists of research materials relating to Central Cape York Peninsular languages collected from 1964 to 2003. Collection includes grammars, lexical material and text material from Oykangand. Materials comprise written notes, critical literature, theses, data CDs, audio cassettes and reel to reel tape recordings. Collection includes tape list and introduction to collection, both by Dr Sommer.


31 boxes 3 parcels. Fryer Library Manuscript Number: UQFL57.

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R A BUSCH 1978.jpg

Rolland Arthur Busch Papers

Rollie Busch (1920-1985) was the inaugural Moderator of the Uniting Church in Australia 1977-1979. During this time he led the opposition of the Uniting Church to the takeover of the church-run Aboriginal Missions at Aurukun and Mornington Island. His papers contained much unpublished information about this conflict which resulted in the mission communities becoming local authorities. Click here to see --> The Australian Dictionary of Biography entry 

112 boxes 9 parcels. Fryer Library Manuscript Number: UQFL73.

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Very little research has been undertaken on this collection.


Elwyn Flint Papers

Elwyn Flint (1910-1983) was a UQ academic who travelled Queensland recording Aboriginal languages.

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This collection of 60 boxes of material comprises written documents collected by Flint mostly as part of a long term research project in the 1960s, known as the Queensland Speech Survey, during which Flint recorded traditional Aboriginal Languages. This collection also documents the Yuulngu (Gupapuyngu) language. Other parts of the collection include journal articles of languages, correspondence with field-linguists and staff from academic institutions, Indonesian material, and documentation of the English spoken by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Australian and regional pidgins, "migrants" and "mother-tongue" people from different ages, regions or socio-economic groups.

Fryer Library Manuscript Number: UQFL173

Considerable research utilising this collection has been undertaken by academic staff in the UQ School of Languages and Cultures

Norman F Nelson Alex Park ca 1953.jpg

Norman F Nelson Collection

Record of visit to mission stations

In 1936 the Presbyterian Church of Queensland commissioned Norman F Nelson (1907-1977), responsible for church youth work in Queensland, to visit four Aboriginal mission stations administered by the Church in North Queensland (Mornington Island, Aurukun, Weipa and Mapoon) in order to make an inspection and evaluation of work and properties. He also visited Thursday Island. He was accompanied by J.T. Robinson. An exhibition organised by Norman F. Nelson of the photographs taken on the trip was held at City Hall, Brisbane in 1937.

1029 photographs (black & white; 7cm x 6cm), typescript reports of trips to mission stations, original sketch plans of each mission drawn by J T Robinson and Norman F Nelson.

Fryer Library Manuscript Number: UQFL57.

CAPTION: Nelson, Norman F. 31870 Norman F. Nelson Alexandra Park Camp Photograph Albums and Typescript, 1953.State Library of Queensland. Image Number 31870 -0001-0062.

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