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JBR Love Papers 

JBR (Bob) Love (1889-1947) was a missionary at Mapoon after World War 1 and subsequently in Western Australia and South Australia. He was a friend and mentor of Bill MacKenzie of Aurukun. His papers are deposited in the State Library of South Australia, and include correspondence with Bill MacKenzie between 1924 and 1945, along with photographs of Mapoon and Aurukun.

The State Library of South Australia catalogue entry reads:

Papers of James Robert Beattie Love, Presbyterian clergyman, missionary to Australian Aboriginals, Moderator of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of S.A. comprising correspondence, journals, notes on the Aboriginal people, vocabularies of the Pitjantjatjara language, baptismal certificates, certificates (OUTSIZE 7), photographs (PART RESTRICTED), including World War I Light Horse scenes in the Holy Land (originals in RESERVE, copies available for reference, (OUTSIZE 1) and black and white film of the Worara people

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